3282 Lance Dr., Stockton, CA 95205 USA
209.938.0800 • 209.938.0858 (fax) • 800.359.1651


• The J7 Medical Chair/Recliner ergonomically designed for client comfort saves 
  staff placement time.
• Made with high-grade foam padding the J7 Medical Chair provides the comfort of a 
  home recliner.
• Adjustable, removable head-pillow and optional arm bolster are added features for 
  client care.
• Soft, supple, premium vinyl fabric makes long term seating desirable.
• Inviting wide shoulder wing back allows client to sleep on their side during therapy.
• Multiple positions adds maximum comfort for client.


 Ergonomically designed for long term use.
High grade padding
 Adjustable/removable head pillow
Soft and supple vinyl fabric.
Wide shoulder wings accommodates patient sleeping on their side.
Comfort positions

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